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Abdominal Exercises

To get a six pack, the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis, internal obliques, and external obliques) have to be exercised on a regularly scheduled exercised program.  The core muscles have to be exercised as well in order to achieve great abdominal muscles.  When we talk about core muscles, we are referring to muscles around the abdominal, back, and pelvic region (area) of the body, and some even refer to it as our bodies “trunk”.  The core muscles can be exercised daily along with your designed exercise program, but should not be over used as every muscle in our bodies need proper rest.  Some core exercises include calisthenics (using your own body weight as resistance), resistance with weight (assisted machines or free weights), static holds (holding your body in place for a X secs or minutes, building balance & stability), or stretching.  All of these things strengthen, develop, and tone abdominal muscles, and make them more resistant to fatigue during repetitions.  Most of us are not genetically blessed, therefore abs come with discipline and effort.  This simply means eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients, and exercise the muscles on a regular basis, and you will definitely see good results!   -Source

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